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"I tried your jerky strips at the Sioux Falls Sportsman's Show. I LOVED IT. I was lucky enough to pick up your business card on the counter. This most likely will not be my last order with The Jerky Shoppe."
— K. P. from Sioux Falls SD

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Seasoning directions are primarily for oven use, but can be used for dehydrators or home-smokers as well.

Mix small pink cure packet with larger bag of seasonings. Your jerky seasoning is mixed and ready to use.

Before you start, always write down everything done to the meat: how long it was cured, how long at each cooking stage, how much seasoning used, temperatures, etc. Now you can look back and make changes to your liking.


  1. Cut meat into strips.
  2. Weigh strips.
  3. Mix measured seasoning thoroughly into meat.
  4. Store meat in plastic bag or plastic container.
  5. Refrigerate for 24 hours.
  6. Skewer each strip onto a toothpick.
  7. Place skewered jerky on oven racks, spaced evenly.
  8. Start out at a low temperature, 140° F for 4 hours to dry meat, then 180° F for 4 hours to cook meat. Keep oven door open 2-3 inches to allow moisture to escape.
  9. Let cool. Keep refrigerated.


One pound of meat requires 1 tablespoon of seasoning. (Always use standard measuring spoons, level full.)
Seasoning is to be used dry - DO NOT ADD WATER


  • Thicker meat turns out more moist and tender. Thin sliced meat is dryer and tougher.
  • If smoky flavor is desired, add 1 teaspoon liquid smoke for each 3 pounds of meat.
  • Add various seasonings such as red pepper, garlic, teriyaki, etc. for different flavors. Always start out with small amounts, and keep records.
  • When adding various seasonings, cut back on jerky seasonings in equal portions.


Salt, spice, garlic powder, spice extractives, nitrite (6.22%), Dextrose, FD&C Red #3 (.00084%), sugar, less than 1% glycerine added to prevent caking.